The rubber sanforizing belt to shrink all kind of fabrics. A new reinforced inner face. PS_Rollin® SD_0321_en Rollin® SD is a new generation of shrinking belts designed for use on Sanfor machines. Rollin® SD assures an optimum shrinkage for the most demanding fabrics. Due to its new reinforced inner face, Rollin SD® always guarantees better reliability and longer life for your rubber belt.

Key Performances

  • Multilayer structure
  • Specially designed for severe working conditions
  • Longer life between grindings
  • Improved mechanical resistance of the inner face (lower risk of abrasion and cracks)

Technical Specifications

  • Internal development: 3962 mm
  • Thickness: 67 mm (other thicknesses on demand)
  • Width: 1400 to 3600 mm
  • Structure: multilayer
  • Hardness of outer face: 38 Shore A

Technical Services

  • Our technicians are available for :
  1. Check up of equipment and advise to improve production efficiency
  2. Maintenance (grinding, repair)
  3. Training for (on site) operations and maintenance staff
  4. Technical advice (by mail or telephone)
  • A comprehensive user and maintenance manual
  • A repair kit proposed in case of incident on machine
  • An international network – 20 countries
  • A reactive sales and technical organization to manufacture rubber belts within very short time in case of emergency