INA Hanger System


What are the reason you choose INA Hanger System?

Cost Savings

  • Helpers are kept to the minimal.
  • Paperwork and Indirect labor costs are reduced.
  • Reduce overhead cost and increase profit.
  • Attendance (actual working hours), Skill/Speed Rating, Pay tabulation are all automated, saving additional costs.
  • Time-saving as reports can be generated quickly by selecting what information you need.
  • Work in process can be monitored in real time, therefore allowing the factory to control it and reducing wastage (too many extra cutting pieces as backup)
  • Neat hanging Storage (without Spot) means less creasing and Ironing
  • Short Delivery time and reduce cost.

Data Management

  • INA system is an MES system providing a huge array of production data in real time; data can be used to link to ERP & Advance Planning Systems.
  • Industrial Engineering can plan easily by eliminating manual task – A.M time calculation.
  • Automatically calculates potential production capacity based on actual production speed.
  • Cost analysis can be done easily as the system provides actual costs based on different types of style.
  • Provide strong production statistics function, various different Report also all reports can be monitored from the head quarter.

Features of INA Hanger System

  • The System fully takes advantage of work Station space to reduce space wastage. Improved space utilization (more machines can be adjusted).The shortest width hanger system.
  • Useful and user-friendly new software features to expedite production result performance.
  • It is possible to produce with multiple designs, color, and size at the same time in the production line. Also to resolve the issue of low quantity orders.
  • Multi-operation and multi-style features help production balancing problem.
  • Record of work number of operator Name, M/C type, Quantity, Wages and working Hours etc
  • RFID technology is used to provide live information. INA system will then utilize the live information to analyze your work processes which will help you identify bottlenecks, increase efficiency and manage better.
  • Real-time information like as production object, quantity done, Completion rate and Rework rate, Current production rate, an Actual worker working Hours, Operator Efficiency, Speed/Rating even calculate Wages are all automated
  • Also provide an hourly report, daily report, Rework report, salary report, summary report etc
  • We propose a customized solution to every customer based on his requirements and floor dimensions and number of machines etc
  • We Provide Not only hanger system also production consultants and management system like Software training, Hardware Training, Production Training.
  • Pleasant Working Environment
  • The direct drive motor for main Conveyor 3 phase 450 watts and very less power consumption.
  • No center pillars.
  • Aluminum profile with T6 Grade.
  • Silver colour with aesthetic
  • Automated out-feed design to prevent hanger drops.
  • Cylinder bar for controlling the chain tension.
  • Provision of lighting and air point on each station.
  • High-Quality special PVC product carrier hanger.
  • HUB technology for fast system communication.
  • RFID reader technology.
  • Useful report for management.
  • Double screen monitor software.
  • Tapping clock-in by employee ID allow sewing operators easy to use the sewing station.
  • Multi-function keypad makes line leader easily conduct the system efficiently.
  • Short time frame installation hardware and software.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Real time
  • Reduces production handling time.
  • Flexible mapping and productivity
  • Improved employee efficiency.
  • Managed employee working time.
  • Completely eliminated all tiring reaching, bending, lifting and pulling of bundles.
  • Keeps factory floor clear and preserved garments good quality.
  • Control and minimized rework garments.
  • Good support after sales service and training on every level.