Shima Seiki


Company History

Masahiro Shima establishes Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd. in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, to produce glove knitting machines that are completely automated.

Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd. have continually challenged to develop innovative technology under corporate motto “Ever Onward.”

Now, Shima Seiki has evolved into a highly trusted manufacturer of computerized glove knitting machines, computerized flat knitting machines and computer graphic design systems, with a leadership role in a variety of industries worldwide.

As consumer needs are expected to become more and more diverse, Shima Seiki realize the necessity to support diversity for customers as well. Shima Seiki’s efforts continue to focus on these market trends and needs, and will continue to offer unique and highly value-added products based on the most advanced technologies.

Shima Seiki a company whose source for inspiration and motivation is customers, and deeply appreciate users continuing trust and support. Shima Seiki is confident to create a mutually beneficial relationship with all of patrons & partners.

SSR122-SV 7G/14G

Developed as the new standard for computerized shaped knitting, SSR112 is SHIMA SEIKI’s most affordable model. High productivity is achieved with a maximum knitting speed of 1.2 meters per second, as well as with the R2CARRIAGE System that achieves quicker carriage returns. SSR112 also carries over all the technological achievements for which SHIMA SEIKI is made famous: DSCS Digital Stitch Control System; full-time spring-loaded sinker system; stitch presser; yarn gripper and cutter; takedown comb; and more. Made-in-Japan quality, reliability, productivity, user-friendliness and cost-performance combine to satisfy the high expectations of the world’s fashion industry.


SIR 123

As SHIMA SEIKI’s newest generation of standard workhorse machines, the new SIR®123 is the global standard for Intarsia shaped knitting, having inherited the know-how and experience accumulated over the years as the leading manufacturer of computerized flat knitting machines. Productivity is increased with a maximum knitting speed of 1.4 meters per second, combined with the R2CARRIAGE® System that improves efficiency in each course through quicker carriage returns. It also carries over proven SHIMA SEIKI technology such as our renowned Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS®), spring-loaded Full-Time Sinker System, Stitch Presser, Takedown Comb and Yarn Gripper and Cutter which is now equipped with a new lint remover for reduced maintenance. Made-in-Japan quality, reliability, productivity, user-friendliness and cost-performance combine to satisfy the high expectations of the world’s fashion industry.

Efficient Intarsia Knitting
Equipped with 21 intarsia carriers with an option for 30 total, SIR®123 allows great freedom in knitting intarsia garments, aided by tremendously capable design system software. Production leadtimes can be dramatically reduced using the Automatic Intarsia Carrier Setting software featured on our SDS®-ONE APEX3 apparel design workstation.


SHIMA SEIKI’s intarsia specialty machine MACH2SIR offers tremendously high productivity worthy of its “MACH” name. With 40 intarsia carriers, MACH2SIR features the largest number of intarsia feeders available. Maximum knitting speed of 1.4 meters per second in combination with the new R2CARRIAGE System which achieves quicker carriage returns after each course, dramatically improves efficiency and productivity in intarsia production. Previously, programming for knitting with so many intarsia carriers would be overwhelming, but that issue is solved with the latest automatic yarn carrier setting software on SDS-ONE APEX3 design system.



Featuring SHIMA SEIKI’s original SlideNeedle, SCG122SN is a computerized knitting machine specializing in the production of coarse gauge knitwear. In addition to such priorities as speed, efficiency and consistent quality, market demand reveals that the computerization of traditionally hand-knitted low-gauge knitwear must place additional emphasis on fabric texture and feel. The SlideNeedle helps to achieve just that, by allowing the SCG122SN 3 gauge machine to produce knitwear with robust, handcrafted texture as low as 2 gauge. The SlideNeedle’s gauge-free capability also allows the 3-gauge machine to produce knitwear with multiple gauge texture ranging from 2 to 4 gauge.


The Original Complete Garment

SWG 091 N2


The new “SWG-N2” series is SHIMA SEIKI’s compact class of WHOLEGARMENT knitting machines. Featuring our renowned SlideNeedle on a 10-, 16-, 24- and 36-inch wide needlebeds respectively, SWG021N2, SWG041N2, SWG061N2 and SWG091N2 are capable of producing a range of fashion accessories from gloves, socks, hats, mufflers, neck-ties and other small items, as well as childrenswear and even leggings and tank tops, all in their entirety, with no sewing or linking required*. As a result, the usable range of a given yearn can be expanded to include coordinated items from head to toe for all ages. The new SWG-N2 series is equipped with SHIMA SEIKI’s proven R2CARRIAGE system for higher productivity. A larger number of yarn carriers and holding hooks for yarn cutting, as well as a separate yarn holder with increased capacity allows for even more flexibility in multi-color knitting. In addition to their established reputation in the fashion industry, the SWG021N2, SWG041N2, SWG061N2 and SWG091N2 series are also capable of producing technical textiles, such as industrial material, sports, medicine and safety, expanding your business potential far beyond present limits.



Efficient, Accurate Design and Production with Virtual Sampling

Drawing from years of experience and know-how as a world leader in fashion technology. SHIMA SEIKI has renewed its design system, and it remains second to none. With complete support of the knit supply chain SDS*-ONE APEX4 provides all the functions you need in taking advantage of the integrated workflow that is the Total Fashion System. Not limited to the apparel industry, textile design and production required the diversity to support ever-changing market needs, with increasing emphasis placed on speed from design to market. SDS*-ONE APEX4 responds to such requirements by providing up to a 6x increase in programming and simulation speed*. With a comprehensive array of specialized functions to fully support planning and design needs. APEX4 enhances these features with the latest search functions using Artificial Intelligence (Al). High-quality virtual sampling for circular knitting, flat knitting, weaving and pile weaving reduces waste of time, cost and material associated with sampling. It can furthermore be used for e-commerce as well as pre-ordering to forecast demand and control inventory through smart, speedy and sustainable production.



WholeGarment – Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

SHIMA SEIKI’s MACH2®S is an extremely flexible machine which realizes quality knitting in a range of production styles. As a conventional shaping machine, it is capable of all-needle knitting in its available range of 8 to 16 gauge, while WHOLEGARMENT® knitwear can be production in half-gauge fabric. As the name “MACH” suggests, the MACH®2 sets itself part with its speed and productivity with a maximum knitting speed of 1.6 meters per second (12 to 16 gauge only), along with the R2CARRIAGE® system that permits quicker carriage returns for greater efficiency and shorter knitting times. For versatility, MACH2®S is even capable of gauge less knitting whereby a number of different gauges can be knit into a single garment. Our standard features include i-DSCS®, USB memory interface and a backup power supply. Top tension devices mounted 150mm lower provide ease of use as well. The great flexibility of MACH2®S makes the perfect choice for adopting high quality WHOLEGARMENT® production while maintaining flexible support of varying market demands.

P-Cam 183/223

SHIMA SEIKI P-CAM series multi-ply computerized cutting machines (NC cutting machines), with an already established reputation for their high efficiency, productivity and quality, have been renovated across its entire line, Faster and smoother head movement improves productivity. A low-vibration, low-noise head is adopted to improve the work environment. New function such as a one -touch drill attachment, a more compact Y-beam controller and a switch for moving the conveyor and cutting the vinyl sheet, enhance productivity. Moreover, the optional turbo fan suppresses fluctuation in air pressure for stable multi-ply cutting. Cutting thickness of 1 inch (33mm), 2 inches (55mm) or 3 inches (75mm) can be selected. Especially for 3 inches, increasing Y-beam clearance enables loading of thicker material before suction. A new knife sharpening system produces a sharper, strong blade every time. Stronger more robust component parts permit quicker response times for knife movement and more accurate cutting for thick fabric such as denim. For cutting area of P-CAM183/223, in addition to S and L types (Standard and Large size of cutting bed). The multi-ply computerized cutting machines (NC cutting machines) P-CAM machines are the perfect choice for flexible high-volume production in a new era of global apparel production, as well as for such other applications as work wear, sewing, knit manufacturing, denim, automotive, industrial material, container bag, flexible container bag, cloth, aramid fiber, tent, canvas, nonwoven fabric, filter, felt and furniture etc.