Masahiro Shima establishes Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd., in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, to produce glove knitting machines that are completely automated. SHIMA SEIKI Mfg., Ltd. has continually challenged to develop innovative technology under corporate motto “Ever Onward.”

Now, SHIMA SEIKI has evolved into a highly trusted manufacturer of computerized glove knitting machines, computerized flatbed knitting machines and computer graphic design systems, with a leadership role in a variety of industries worldwide.

As consumer needs are expected to become more and more diverse, SHIMA SEIKI realizes the necessity to support diversity for customers as well. Shima Seiki’s efforts continue to focus on these market trends and needs, and will continue to offer unique and highly value-added products based on the most advanced technologies.

SHIMA SEIKI a company whose source for inspiration and motivation is customers and deeply appreciates users continuing trust and support. SHIMA SEIKI is confident to create a mutually beneficial relationship with all of patrons & partners.


SSR112-SV 14G

SSR was originally developed as a general-purpose machine for replacing hand flat machines. It is in fact an industry standard that emphasizes its SHIMA SEIKI –ness through a new sense of value achieved through Made-in-Japan quality, reliability and durability. With such proven basic features as a maximum knitting speed of 1.2m/sec and R2CARRIAGE, DSCS, spring –type sinker system, stitch press-leer, yarn gripper and cutler and takedown comb. SSR has a very cost-performance ratio.



Once separate models, SDS-ONE and SDS-ONE APEX are now combined as single model, SDS-ONE APEX3. Its simulation capability is especially been enhanced, witnessed by the virtual sample comparison display at the ITMA booth, stressing freedom from sampling. Many other functions such as new 3D item software or all-new knit Paint software are available. 6 APEX3 systems are shown at ITMA. In addition to demonstrations performed within the Theatre Room and Demo Rooms, those in the Machine Zone are also used to cater to customers special requests.



The worlds first flat knitting machine that can perform shaping (knit and transfer) in 21 gauge, SWG-FIRST154 S21 features a maximum knitting speed of 1.6m/sec combined with R2CARRIAGE to yield increase in productivity of up to 60%. In addition to the Slide Needle, its loop pressers and transfer jacks permit a wide variety of patterns in a wide range gauges never before possible (18G-26G for single jersey, 18G-20G for ribs). SWG-FIRST154 also features I-DSCS+DTC to handle high-speed knitting of the fine and delicate material used in knitting the finest-gauge fabrics such as cashmere and count yarns.



Released only last year, MACH2SIG revolutionized intarsia knitting. With a maximum knitting speed of 1.4m/sec and the  R2CARRIAGE the 40 intarsia carriers-the most in the world, and significant increases in programming speed with new yarn carrier setting software, intarsia knitting has become easier that ever. For ITMA, MACH2SIG is shown for the first time in 18G, with 40 feeders top tension device



SCG122SN is SHIMA SEIKI’s answer to coarse gauge knitting, with a variety of specialized functions to aid in that purpose. With the Slide Needle, spring-type system and double racking mechanism, bold and interesting designs can be produced with the feel associated with hand-knit garments. The 3G machine is capable of predicting fabrics with texture in the 2G-4G range. The optional I-DSCS+DTCdevice can handle thicker and heavier yarns while preventing sag and difficult-to-knit fancy yarns can be knit with consistent quality


SIR122-SV 7G

Shown for the first time at ITMA, SIR is expected to replace both NSSG and NSIG machine, as well as older SSG, SIG and SES machine, as the next global standard in computerized flat knitting machines. With a maximum knitting speed of 1.4m/sec and R2CARRIAGE and a new compact carriage, knitting efficiency has increased. Furthermore with such proven features as DSCS, spring type sinker system, stitch presser, yarn gripper and cutler, takedown comb and sub roller. SIR is capable of knitting items that cannot be covered by SSR. An intarsia option is also available with a maximum of 21 intarsia corners.