GOLLER – A well-recognized and finest brands in manufacturing of open width textile processing ranges in Schwarzenbach / Germany since 1948. Innovations made by GOLLER in Spun oil washing, desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing and of course various washing applications for both woven and knitted goods are still benchmarks for the textile industry. In 2006 Fong’s Industries acquired all shares of GOLLER, production now is located in Schwäbisch Hall Germany and in Zhongshan China. The integration of Goller into the CHTC Fong’s Group has facilitated the proliferation of Goller’s high performance wet finishing ranges all over the world.

Features of Goller wet processing ranges:

  • Complete low utility consumption fabric processing solution for modern dye house
  • Reowned fully automatic MULTIDATA control system minimize number of operators
  • Leading technology in tension control and crease free fabric transportation
  • Excellent quality of finished fabric
  • Fast online/local troubleshooting support
  • Plenty of Know-how

Goller Complexa – Scouring and bleaching range

Available for knitted fabric or woven fabric

Widely use for compact, light to heavy weight quality fabric

Up to 120% even chemical pick up to achieve high degree of whiteness

Leading technology in low tension and crease free fabric transportation

New version for high speed running of cotton elastane fabric

Indirect thermal plate heating technology to prevent impurities from steam pipeline to the machine

Build in 100% saturated steam generating system

Low utility consumption


Full option of mercerizing ranges for different fabric requirements

Optima – Roller mercerizing range for wide width and heavy weight fabric

Cadena – Roller chain mercerizing range for better width control for wide width and heavy weight fabric

Perfecta – Full Chain mercerizing range for excellent width control for all kinds of narrow width fashion fabric

Cold Pad Batch dyeing range

Swimming roller technology – double pressure system with inner hydraulic and outer pneumatic control

Auto left, middle and right pressure control of padder

Uniform linear pressure over the full width of padder to achieve even pick up of dye

Reliable and high accuracy 4:1 dosing system

Temperature control of dye trough

Auto cleaning of dye trough for quick colour change

Nip dyeing available for knit fabric dyeing

Excellent reproducibility of colour


Pad Steam

High even chemical pick up padder for VAT/reactive dye colour development

Excellent reproducibility of shade

High washing efficiency washer for different kinds of fabric

Leading technology in low tension and crease free fabric transportation

Build in 100% saturated steam generating system

Denim fabric – Multi application Pad steam dyeing range

Design for small to medium scale production

Continuous desizing

Caustification of denim fabric


Full option of Washing ranges for different fabric requirements

-High Reproducibility of Fabric’s Finishing

-High Reproducibility of Wahing Effecr & Capillary Effect

-Continuous & Numerous Nip Washing & Bath Separation

-Even washing Effect (Left , Middle & Right)

-Compartment Being Evenly Heated-Up- Thermplate

-Counter-Flow system

-Low Energy Consumption

-Low level of liquor

-Precise Application of chemical

-Low tension Fabric Transport

-Crease- free   Fabric Transpotation

-Low energy Consumption

-High degree of Fastness & staining free