Fong’s industries Group was founded in 1963. In 23 the group celebrated its 4th anniversary. As present the group that saves over 4,000 customers worldwide has about 4,000 staff on its payroll overseeing the production of approximately 2,000 sets of dyeing and finishing equipments annually at its own 120,000 square-meter production facilities in Shenzhen, china.

Allfit Medium Batch Dyeing Machine

The machine is designed for small batch of piece dyeing. Its low liquor ratio and power consumption and fast fabric turn-around time ensure a high dyeing quality and result. Production dyeing recipe and process technique can be applied directly without modification.

Fabric speed: 7-200 m/min (depending on model) Liquor ratio:1:6
Capacity: 1~2 kg, 4~6 kg, 8~12 kg, 20~30 kg, 40~60 kg & 80~120 kg per tube.
Model: Allfit-1, 5, 10, 30, 60 & 120 1T/2T

TEC 38 SERIES – Atmospheric Dyeing Machine

The machine is designed for processing a wide range of materials from pure cotton, cotton and synthetic blends to pure synthetic fiber.

Fabric speed: max. 400 m/min
Liquor ratio: 1:6
Capacity: 48-60, 80-100, 120-150, 160-200, 200-250, 320-400, 440-550 kg/tube
No. of tubes available: 1T-8T

Multi-Rope Soft Dyeing Machine

By using a special liquid circulation technology, the ECO-38 machine is able to operate at extra low liquor ratio. The fabric materials processed by it bear the highest quality possible.

Fabric speed: max.350 m/min
Liquor ratio: 1:5
Capacity: 250 kg/300 kg per tube
No. of tubes available: 1T-12T

High Temperature Dyeing Machine

Continuous research and development has made the Jumboflow series High Temperature Dyeing Machine possible to have a lot of excellent features. The total dyeing time can be cut short leading to substantial output by the machine and saving in energy. The VL Variable Loading chamber changes its profile to accommodate large varieties of fabric types, from light to heavy structure.

Fabric speed: 400 m/min
Liquor ratio: 1:4.5
Capacity: 80-120, 120-180, 160-240, 200-280 Kg/Tube
No. of Tubes: 1T-6T


Laboratory Package Dyeing Machine

The Laboratory package dyeing machine is essential to every package dyeing plant. It has the similar functional features of the production machine. Its liquor ratio and flow rate are consistent with the large production package dyeing machines. The process technique used in LABWIN can be applied in production with very little adjustment. Improvement of production process can therefore be simulated on the LABWIN before full implementation. The machine is designed with a capacity of 1 to 6 packages per kier to as many as 24 packages in linked machines.

High Temperature Package Dyeing Machine

The ALLWIN Series package dyeing machine is innovative in its compactness and is energy efficient. With the same heating surface, the uniquely designed heat exchanger offers the highest efficiency in heating and cooling. The dyeing liquor discharged from the REV-pump flows more efficiently through the heat exchanger. The integral arrangement of the piping is simple and space saving approximately 25% than the conventional machine arrangement.