Dinema was founded in 1971. At the beginning, it produced electro-mechanics textile equipment.In 1985 Dinema joins Lonati Group, contributing to assert global leadership of the mother company in the field of textile circular machinery, and in 1986 Dinema is one of the first companies in Europe to adopt the bed of nails ICT technology.

In 1995 Dinema optimizes its organizational structure, achieving the ISO 9001 certification, and since 2000 it significantly increases its workforce in all sectors, becoming one of the most important electronic partner for the fullness of the solutions offered to their customers, from the design to after-sales support.

Thanks the textile machinery produced by Dinema, Lonati Group’s equipment fill nearly the entirety of female socks world production, 60% of male and childen socks production, 90% of sport clothes and seamless production and 60% of traditional knitwear production.

Dinema products and services:

  • Dinema Lighting
  • Dinema Textile
  • Dinema Electronics



Digraph3+ A graphic system planned for designers, illustrators and innovators

DIGRAPH 3+ is an advanced graphic system developed expressly for graphic designers, stylists as well as for creative designers for knitwear and hosiery business. This system maximises the performance of Lonati, Santoni and Sangiacomo machines.

This system consists of a set of programs that interact with each other, giving the user the possibility to work with single tool, able to satisfy all the requirements and to simplify each operation.This system includes a wide range of applications that come with the corresponding data sheets, which allow any user to export a program or a pattern that can be used directly on machine or imported for further modifications. 

DIGRAPH 3+ gives the possibility to work simultaneously on several patterns or styles and copy and/or exporting single parts. The network connection of one or more stations of DIGRAPH 3+, allows the sharing of programs by more than one operator simultaneously. 



Intuitive touch screen panel and software with Android operating system

DSC TOUCH 7” V.3 BLACK EDITION is the new size control device for socks and underwear, and it has been studied to solve the problems related to size univocity and to size measurements precision both for knitting and finishing internal and external departments. Measuring is effected by means of the traction determined by the carriage moving down at a constant speed up until the set up pulling force is reached. The Measuring is controlled by an electronic system.

DSC TOUCH is a technological solution that through a measurement electronic control, allows to overcome problems due to operator influence during measuring and reading of the measuring itself. There is the possibility of using DSC TOUCH in an automatic way and therefore getting not only a measuring but the relevant automatic correction of the machine program too. The automatic correction will adjust the size to the requested one.

DSC TOUCH is equipped with a functional and intuitive touch screen command panel 7” and with a software developed with Android operating system. 

DSC TOUCH is a portable device, provided with rechargeable batteries, which can be easily moved inside knitting rooms.

Main technical data DSC TOUCH 7” Black edition:

  • Android operating system
  • Electronic measuring control
  • Excellent mobility of the device thanks to the side handles and the low weight
  • Extension strenght can be set from 100 gr. Up to 10 Kg
  • Length can be measured from 14cm up to 430cm. For the Pantyhose version, and from 9cm up to 160cm for the men/child version
  • Minimum width from 13cm. for the pantyhose version and 9,5cm. for the men/child version
  • Kit (optional) for the measurement of partial (leg, foot, ecc. ecc.)
  • Autonomy up to 500 measuring operations
  • Battery charger included

FDU4Transfer of the products to Lonati e Santoni’s equipment

FDU4 is a Dinema product device for transferring programs to Lonati and Santoni machines.

FDU4 ensures full compatibility with machines of any generation (Lonati e Santoni), thanks to the dual function serial/USB. FDU4 implement a new feature that allows the transfer of programs directly from PC to machine, without the use of serial cables, but with our FCC-certified wireless connection.

The FDU4 device has a led light multicolor to show the state.

  • Pendrive USB 2.0 with 16GB storage
  • Serial port for machine connection equipped with no Linux electronics
  • FCC certified wireless module (FCC ID: S9NSPBTLERF)
  • Kit includes two already coupled devices

GRYFYarn feeding control device

GRYF device performs the control of yarn feeding in the textile machines (large diameter, seamless, hosiery and flat knitting machines) using a programmed weight. 

The control system, based on a high performance sensor and motor, can be programmed to set up and maintain the yarn with different tensions, according to the specific manufacturing and to the different types of yarn.

GRYF has been studied to completely integrate itself in the textile machines, with graphics systems of programming and management & control systems, allowing the user to exploit its full potential.

Suitable control devices allow to install GRYF feeders both onto new and old generation machines, even on machines of different manufacturers.

GRYF technical features are:

  • Dimensions: approx. 143 x 80 x 71 mm
  • Weight: 400 gr
  • Voltage: programmable from 0,5 to 50 gr
  • Weight resolution: 0.1 gr
  • Motor speed: up to 8’000 RPM
  • Yarn feeding speed: up to 1’500 m/min
  • Power supply: 24 Vdc
  • LFA function on board the machine or in YOBox

Ispy Sensor detecting the yarn flow in circular textile machines

iSpy is a sensor that can detect the yarn flow in circular textile machines (seamless and socks by Lonati Group).

iSpy implements a dual technology within the same device. To the original system of recognition of the movement of the yarn based on the detection of electrostatic, an optical cell has been added which makes it the possibility to identify the yarns vibrations that is present with movement. The optical sensor allows the use of iSpy devices even in circumstances which, due to work requirements, that the yarn must be wetted. The management of the double source sensor, electrostatic and optical, occurs with an optimized algorithm through the regulation of parameters that allow the modulation of the sensitivity needed.

iSpy was developed for fully integration with the textile machines, with graphs systems programming and with management and control systems.

  • It is immune to dust and extra agents;
  • It is immune to external illumination and direct sunlight;
  • It is capable of detecting yarns of different colours and/or types.

iSpy has been studied toIntegrate with Lonati Group textile machines, regardless of the physical characteristics of the yarns used; with their programming graphic systems and with their management and control systems, allowing the user to exploit its potential to the optimum. iSpy can be equipped with different accessories suitable for different types of installations and applications.

Main technical data:

  • Operating voltage 24 VDC
  • Maximum voltage: max 55 mA



Collecting data system for knitwear and hosiery factory equipment

Nautilus is a data collecting system software and connected all the machines using special card and ethernet standard wires.

Software interface gives a complete view of the knitting room status per knitting room/group/single machine. NAUTILUS system, in addition to collect data, can control the production programming.

NAUTILUS system connection is made through an ethernet network and it is integrated by interfacing devices such as MDS and DCN. NAUTILUS system makes easy the work on collected data, making them suitable to hosiery needs.

  • Server/client and SQL database software architecture
  • Data collection: production per style/shift/resposible/bag; production per style/shift/resposible/bag; stops (all causes, duration, frequency); times ON/OFF; effficiencies (Weff e Teff); cycle times; defects, with possibility of decreasing counter pieces; spare parts Bar code label printing;  plant data personalisation; file.rpt crystal report.
  • Programmability: daily table for shifts/responsible per machine; production and bug target machine stop; immediate stop by client, F0 to F8; order queue modification; sending/receiving/machine programs activation; display and keyboard remote functioning; control of NAUTILUS console on machine board; quality control.

NAUTILUS light Production control system for small and medium-sized enterprises

NAUTILUS Light is a system for the control of the production and it is dedicated to small medium size production of hosiery and knitting business.

It is a specific IT system for centralized management of production, suitable to optimize processes and allow the improvement of production efficiency.

This IT system is a direct replacement of the data collected so far by hand made by employees, by spread sheets with their processing and by first-generation software able to process small amounts of data.

By using NAUTILUS Light you can get benefits on the production since you will have the full traceability of production and quality control and, thanks to the data thus collected, we will be able to provide timely information on trends and corrections to be made to optimize processes, saving time and money.

Specifically, the computer system NAUTILUS Light offers:

  • Connection via electronic boards designed ad hoc to all machines for socks and hosiery of Lonati Group
  • MDS Connection via external device, to sewing, ironing, packing and knitting & socks machines not only made by the Group (subject to technical verification by  Dinema)
  • Possibility to connect to the system NAUTILUS Light up to 70 machines
  • Collection of production data in real time
  • Collection of the stops of the machine
  • Calculation of the efficiencies of work and time of a single machine or a group or the whole room

PLUS Positive elastane yarn feeder

The positive elastane yarn feeder PLUS is manufactured by Dinema, which has long experience in the production of controlled devices with constant speed, for the supply of bare elastomers on circular Machines, hosiery and the seamless machines.
PLUS is one of the most compact device currently on the market; the reduced dimensions allow for easy installation on any machine.
The experience of Dinema in motor controls has allowed to realize an extremely precise that, thanks to the control of electric cam, ensures a final product with high quality. PLUS, if coupled with GRYF for feeding the main yarn, can be programmed with the “plating bare elastomer” condition necessary to obtain high quality products.

PLUS can be programmed with the graphic program DIG3 + on board (Lonati group machines equipped with CAN line). PLUS maintains the compatibility with the programs and machines settings from previous devices “PYF” (Lonati group machines equipped with CAN line). Simplified connection through the preparation of CAN line wiring.

Main technical data PLUS:

  • Maximum dimensions (with arm rest position): 186 mm x 162 mmx 160 mm
  • Supply voltage 24Vdc
  • Maximum consumption: * 0.6 A (during normal operation) * 4 A (breakaway)
  • Range of operating temperature: + 10 ° … + 60 ° C
  • Storage temperature: -25 ° … + 85 ° C
  • Electronically yarn feder controlled with constant speed
  • Max yarn speed: 700m / min
  • Speed range: 0 – 5500rpm
  • LFA function – Precise measurement of the yarn absorbed by machine
  • Function to control the broken yarn with sensor integrated “iSpy Dinema”
  • Two-colored Light guide, which allows you to quickly and easily identify the status of the power supply
  • Installable on circular pantyhose machines, hosiery and seamless machines
  • Bobin loading with the possibility of rotation to the right and to the left



Graphic program for warp machine in double needle bed

Graphic program for warp machine in double needle bed of seamless fabric, tights, scarves, gloves, etc.Graphic programming, including devices of yarn feeder and needle bar.

iPolaris instruments and automatisms allow speed and ease in the development of complex and performing projects.

With iPolaris it is possible to work in a network and send the coded ones directly to the machine:

  • A single environment where the design is also the project that will be coded for the machine
  • Easy insertion of a Edge Hooks from a drawing and iPolaris automatically inserts all the relative machine commands
  • Dedicated plan to Bodyapping, easy insertion (in% or d / gr) on the drawing, of areas with variable compression.

Technical features of iPolaris:

  • Intel® Pentium®Intel® Core™ processor i3, i5, i7
  • 4 – 6 GB memory
  • 1280 x 800 Superior HD Graphics
  • 10/100/1000 Mb network
  • H-disk 5400Rpm 7200Rpm – Hybrid – Ssd
  • Usb N°Port: 2 – 3 HARDLOCK keys
  • Windows XP – 7 – 8 – 10 operating system

PULSAR Product for seamless equipment programming

PULSAR is a product made by Dinema and developed in collaboration with Santoni for the programming of seamless machines.

PULSARE simplifies the creation of complex articles produced by using a Santoni machine, checks the mechanical movements; reduces of the time necessary for manufacturing the item and simplifes the programming by the user; produces the garment exactly as drawn by the user, allowing the latter to associate to the colours of the drawing the different combinations of mesh structures; it analyzes the design and suggests the optimal threading of the machine and produces the correct program for the realization of the desired item.