Company profile:

The Bruckner group is a world wide acting owner run mechanical engineering company with more than 70 years of tradition and experience.

We consider this tradition as obligation not to aim on the short term at profit maximization but to strive for long term success and sustainable growth.

We are systems supplier in the field of dry finishing of knitted and woven fabrics as well as finishing of technical textiles and nonwovens. We offer our customers services and parts for our machines as long as they are in production.

We want to consolidate and extend our position in the market by achieving a sustainable satisfaction of our customers. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by offering our customers always the best technical solution for optimum cost effectiveness. The brand Bruckner stands for innovative technology and high quality that we use to satisfy our customer’s requirements.


As owner run family business we stand for reliability, continuity and a personal relationship with our customers.

We are proud of our committed and competent staff without whom we would not be able to solidify and expand constantly our success.

With innovative ideas we developed a new stenter generation. Our POWER-FRAME stenter satisfies highest performance and quality requirements with minimum energy consumption and offers many benefits for your success in the global market.

It is our goal to provide technology, which helps you to gain competitive advantages in your business.



POWER-FRAME stenter:

– Modern and proven air circulation system SPLIT-FLOW.
– Perfect air and temperature distribution over complete width and length.
– ECO-HEAT BACK-PACK integrated heat-recovery system.
– Energy saving of up to 35% depending on machine configuration and process
– More productivity with the new POWER-PAD padder.
– For every process we offer the suitable entry and exit versions.
– Fabric take up, scrays and accumulators.
– The horizontal chains: STAR-ROLL and STAR-FORCE:
– The vertical chain: STAR-DUR, also in lubricant-free version.
– New integrated weft straightener OPTI-STRAIGHT.
– New Assistance systems INDUSTRY 4.0 with improved machine settings.
– The new exhaust air control system for less heat losses.
– New process visualization systems for easy handling.




– Immediate readiness for operation of IR-dryer and high reliability.
– Exact temperature control
– Homogeneous migration-free drying.
– Crease-free fabric flow
– No risk of stripe formation during drying.
– No detriment to the colouring caused by undesirable entry of fresh air.
– Low maintenance and long service life.
– Automatic roller cleaning facility to avoid soiling of fabric.
– Uniform dyeing on over the complete width and length of fabric.
– 100% reproducible dyeing results.
– Easy access for cleaning and maintenance.



POWER-SHRINK sanfor range:

– Minimization of residual shrinkage.
– Stabilization of fabric structure.
– Intensive steaming for a better compaction of fabric.
– Optimum tension control.
– Increased production output.
– Best reproducible compacting results.
– Different calender sizes available.
– Combined system for woven and knitted fabric available.
– Menu driven grinding process of the rubber belt.
– Low and simple maintenance.
– Long lifetime of the rubber belt.
– Efficient handling.





POWER-COMPACT felt compacting calender:

– High Capacity felt belt compactor
– Excellent shrinking values in width and length.
– All machine parameters are automated.
– Optimum and reproducible compaction.
– Extremely smooth and voluminous hand.
– Light, silky shining effect on the fabric surface.
– PLC control and easy handling of visualization.
– Optimum machine dimension and modular design.