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Improved quality and productivity with textile straightening systems

Today, manufacturers and users of textile production systems face ever-increasing demands in terms of production speeds. Quality must be ensured, while the number of rejects and any machine down time must be kept to a bare minimum.

Textile webs typically pass through a wide range of different production processes. Weft distortion is caused primarily by transport through the various wet processes. Correction of any distortion before processes such as drying, heat setting, coating or printing is absolutely essential. Erhardt+Leimer straightening systems make sure to keep textile webs are free of weft distortions.

ELSTRAIGHT product features

+Highly accurate weft detection with digital smart cameras

+Built-in extremely powerful infrared LED light

+No moving parts in scanning system – no maintenance

+Automatic camera positioning according to web width

+Mechanical and electrical parts can easily be purchased in the local market

+Ethernet remote service facility

+Recipe function


+Insensitive to fabric colour

+Extremely large number of fabric structures can be detected

+Excellent process repeatability

+Proof of quality with report facility

+User-friendly, intuitive operation

+High productivity

+Few down-times

+Quick return on investment

Pick and course counter system ELCOUNT

ELCOUNT is a system to determine and control the thread density in knitted and woven fabrics. The operator traditionally effects this process occasionally by punching a sample of the fabric at the end of the relevant finishing process. With the ELCOUNT system, every meter of the fabric is checked and adjusted to the desired density (and consequently the desired weight) without touching the fabric and without slowing down production; this guarantees uniform and constant fabric quality even during night shifts.

Also the ELCOUNT uses highly sophisticated, non-contact matrix cameras for scanning the fabric. Typically, the system is used in stenter, sanforizing and compacting processes and can be supplied only for monitoring or for automatic adjustment with a closed control loop. Furthermore, a lab version is available so that manual density counting can be eliminated. It is possible to transfer the desired fabric density directly from the lab to the finishing machinery where the ELCOUNT system is installed. Contrary to other density/weight measuring systems the ELCOUNT works even with wet/moist fabrics. Thanks to its recipe and report facilities, constant quality can be ensured and proven at any time.

Fabric opening and slitting line model SDM

Cutting unit

+Design is similar to predecessor models: thus easy slitter replacement

+Robust design in high grade steel with roller basket

+Safe detection and guiding

+Maximum resistance of cutter to wear and tear

+Flexible adjustment to the desired tube diameter

+Opening of the tube fabric supported by speed-controllable fan

+Minimum longitudinal tension for dry and wet fabric due to the roller basket

Drop stitch sensor

+Integrated drop stitch matrix sensor and digital position controller

+Easy teaching process for different drop stitches and different drop stitch structures:

Can detect many different drop stitches

+Drop stitch matrix sensor detects the drop stitch using the transmitted light principle

+Infrared transmitted light sensor for optimal contrast

+LED basket interior lighting

+Excellent resolution of the drop stitch sensor

+Rapid, delay-free positioning of the drop nstitch in front of the cutting blade due to defined static friction between the tube and the spherical guide rollers

+Continuous comparison of target and actual values

+Stable closed loop with position, speed and current controller

Erhardt+Leimer has a vast experience with rope opening and slitting lines, both for wet and dry fabric in hundreds of installations around the world.