Boarding and Packaging machines for the hosiery industry:

Tecnopea S.r.l. is a company belonging to the Lonati Group. It is the brainchild of Gianfranco Pea, who founded it in 1987.Over the years Tecnopea has acquired extensive experience in the manufacture of boarding and packaging machines for hosiery and seamless underwear, which has enabled the company to adopt an entrepreneurial approach that focuses on full customer satisfaction.

Tecnopea machines feature a high standard of technology, quality and performance. The quality of our products has enabled the company to comply with the applicable international standards and regulations. A vast range of choice that provides the customer with the correct tools to work smartly and efficiently. The company also supports the customer with a prompt and accurate after-sale service.

Choosing Tecnopea means relying on an invaluable combination of know-how and skills in textile finishing, with specific focus on men’s socks and ladies’ hosiery and seamless underwear.

Propensity to innovation is part of Tecnopea’s DNA. Substantial investments are made each year in R&D to create new cutting-edge technological solutions in the production of hosiery boarding and packaging machines and seamless underwear boarding and packaging machines.

Tecnopea is synonym with versatility, reliability, flexibility, efficiency and accuracy.

Boarding machines production and Ironing machines production.

The range of Tecnopea products includes boarding machines for men’s, ladies’ and children’s socks and seamless garments, featuring compact design and energy-saving in terms of low electricity and steam consumption.

Market developments in recent years have entailed an increased demand for automated packing solutions in order to cut production costs and create product standards.

The best technologies adopted and the use of top quality materials enable Tecnopea to offer a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of its customers.
The corporate mission focuses on ongoing monitoring of the market to allow Tecnopea to design and develop bespoke solutions to customers’ specifications.

Tecnopea boarding machines come in 4 versions:

  • with electric presses
  • with an electric press and hot air tunnel
  • with pressurized steam and drying tunnel
  • with pressurized steam, electric press and drying tunnel.

 Tecnopea packaging solutions range from simple semi-automatic work stations to complex integrated processing stations, scaled according to specific production requirements, output and work flexibility. 

Tecnopea offers modular operating units that can be either operated autonomously or installed in line with other machines to form an integrated custom-made process.

Socks Boarding


Socks Packing


Woman Stockings Boarding


Woman Stockings Packing


Seamless Boarding


Seamless Packing


Socks boarding machines:

Tecnopea manufactures a wide range of socks boarding machines, which are available in the following versions:

  • with electric presses;
  • with an electric press and a hot air tunnel;
  • with pressurized steam and a drying tunnel;
  • with pressurized steam, an electric press and a drying tunnel;

All the socks boarding machines can be equipped with standard or special boarding forms, which are designed and manufactured in house to allow for maximum customization.


Socks Packaging:

The socks packaging machines are Tecnopea’s one of the main strengths in terms of technology, being the result of in-house continuous research and development activities.

Designed to meet increasing requirements relating to the complex packaging process for socks, these machines are based on a modular design philosophy.

Simple standalone workstations, featuring a high level of flexibility and maximum ease of use, or a combination of modules to make up automatic packaging lines requiring a very low work force can now be provided.


Women’s stockings boarding:

The boarding machines for pantyhose and stockings complete the production process of tights giving an excellent presentation, which helps retailers optimize merchandising strategies.

Tecnopea boarding machines are available with boarding forms in the shape of a foot or straight and can be equipped with a stockings control and loading system.


Packaging machines for ladies hosiery:

The packaging lines for pantyhose and stockings are now a standard in the ladies hosiery production, choose Tecnopea packaging machines for ladies hosiery.

These systems can be a simple standalone operating module or a combination of modules, to achieve fully automatic lines. They can also be connected to boarding machines. 


Seamless boarding machines:

The large production of garments made using seamless technology has required the development of specific boarding machines.

The use of a wide variety of yarns has always posed new challenges to Tecnopea, which faced it effectively by offering a range of machines able to give the garments the required characteristics, using pre-setting hot air processes or pressurised steam boarding.


Seamless packaging machines:

The packaging machines for “Seamless” products are the new challenge for Tecnopea. In an industry where the need to enhance and diversify in-store product merchandising is vital, the automation of packaging processes is increasingly crucial.

Tecnopea is at the service of customers in the development of fully automated, yet flexible, systems that are able to streamline the production process while containing costs.

Folding machines, bagging machines and hanger packaging machines are only the starting point in an industrial sector where the demand for automation is increasing day by day.


Automatic boarding and packaging machines for hosiery sales network

Tecnopea S.r.l. is a manufacturer of automatic boarding and packaging machines for hosiery and seamless garments, which are successfully sold all over the world. The company ranks among Italy’s leading manufacturers and has also gained a strong foothold in international markets.

Tecnopea boarding and packaging machines, with pressurized steam, electric presses and hot air tunnel version, have become a benchmark across world markets. Supported by an extensive sales network, Tecnopea offers an efficient customer care service throughout Italy and abroad.

A team of highly skilled personnel makes Tecnopea a reliable supplier of top quality machines  and cutting-edge technology to meet any customer needs and provide optimal solutions anywhere in the world. 

Customer satisfaction and prompt, accurate after-sales service are two fundamental elements of Tecnopea’s corporate mission and values.

Tecnopea is now ready to face the challenge of the global industrial automation market by offering boarding and packing machines that are always abreast of the requirements of a continually evolving world market.